Cheap Dedicated Servers – 2014 Providers

hosting-sourceSummary: Hosting Source is a great company that is growing and offers some of the best support and service in the industry. They offer cloud server hosting starting at $39 and full dedicated server hosting starting at $89. Check them out and see what you can find! We think they are the best in the industry, based on our experience and feedback from customers we refer.
Starting at $39.99/month

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bluehost-logoSummary: Interserver has been offering shared, VPS and dedicated hosting for a number of years. They have won awards for their service and continue to be one of the best in the industry. For their entry-level server, you get a dual-core processor, 4GB Ram, 500GB storage and 5TB of bandwidth monthly.

Starting at $49.99/month
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Logo_Singlehop-200-50Summary:SingleHop is a leader in dedicated hosting and offers high end servers at affordable prices. They are most expensive in our top three dedicated hosting providers, but if you look at bang for your buck, they are the best. Their base server has a quad core processor, 1TB of storage, 16TB of RAM and 10TB of monthly transfer. They also have several locations, so you can choose the location closest to your target audience.

Starting at $159.99/month (first month is half price)
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For those interested in cheap dedicated servers, check out these three choices!

DedicatedHostingReasons to choose a cheap dedicated server

  1. You have a smaller-ish site that is too large for VPS hosting: this is a common problem. You may have a site that is too large for a VPS or shared hosting package, but don’t want to spend the money to host a smaller site. For those who only have a few thousand visitors/day, this works great for you. Many cheaper dedicated servers only cost $50-100/month. This is very doable for many sites.
  2. You just don’t have the money to buy an expensive server: we understand that money is a concern and if you don’t have the budget for a large dedicated server, you can choose a cheaper option and it may serve your needs great as well. Many people will use a smaller dedicated server for less money as a segway into a large solution when needed in the future.
  3. For those who want to learn server administration: this is for those who want to “play” with a dedicated server for development or educational purposes. For those looking for this type of solution, a cheap dedicated server is a great choice.



1. – This is our number one choice, as they offer dedicated servers at great prices. We can’t say enough about these guys – we have personally worked with them and know they run a great company. For those that need a new dedicated server, check them out.¬†Go to Host->


2. Interserver – These guys are also very good providers. They have been around for many years and continue to offer great service and support. You get 24 hour support and can also get management of your server if you need this option. Go to Host->


3. Singlehop РThis is a larger company and they have many high-end servers. For those that want the support/name that comes with a larger outfit, check out SingleHop. They will not disappoint those who need this type of solution. Go to Host->

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